About Us

Sheri Meyers-Taking her experience as an art major and combining it with her love of all creatures (she will fish honey bees and spiders from her swimming pool), Sheri has been grooming since 1979.  Her specialties include the very small breeds, fancy styles and cat trims.  Since starting her salon in 1986, Sheri has moved her salon a few times simply to provide more suitable space for her growing client base.  Since 2002, her salon in Holland, Ohio has been a permanent home for her highly committed long time staff.  September of 2014 starts the beginning of her second location in Sylvania, Ohio.  While raising two children (Sean and Mikhala, now grown) and operating her salons, she attained a degree in Cardiovascular Technology at the University of Toledo and worked on her bachelor’s degree in fine art for two years at Lourdes University.  Sheri started in the martial arts as an adult and has to date accomplished the rank of second degree Black Belt in Kempo/Kenpo/Shotokan.  She has been an instructor since 2005 and currently owns her own martial arts school.  In addition, Sheri is a guitarist/singer in her church, practices yoga and enjoys running when time allows.  Her love of all animals and healthy lifestyle includes being a vegetarian and choosing organic and homeopathic living.  

Geraldine Toepfer
-Gerry knew as a child that giving ‘haircuts to her stuffed animals’ was in her heart, not just child play.  In 1978 she started her career as a kennel assistant.  As she realized she wanted to further her career, she set out to the Baltimore School of Dog Grooming in 1985 and has been enjoying her lifelong career ever since.  Gerry has worked with and for Sheri since they both started together in the kennel industry.  She loves her job and is the worship leader at her church where she is guitarist/singer.  She has two grown children and enjoys time with them as well as being an avid golfer and volleyball player.

Lori Palm
-Starting as a kennel hand in 1989 in South Carolina, Lori followed her dream of a career with animals by seeking employment with Sheri in 2000 when she relocated to Ohio.  After her position as a stylist assistant, Lori trained under Sheri and Gerry to become a stylist and has been a team member for many years.  Her talents have taken her a step further as she also grooms cats as well.  She enjoys time with friends and family, especially her three grown children, or you can find her fishing, boating or travelling to new places.

Patti Lein Haas
-Naturally an artist, it was clear that while Patti was hired into Sheri’s salon as an assistant, Sheri and Gerry shared their knowledge and so began her career.  She is dedicated to the clients as well as the pets she so adores.  As a youngster, Patti would bury the wildlife she would find.  This attachment to animals is still reflected with her compassion for the dog she is beautifying.   She began in 2000 and loves being able to combine her art with the dogs she styles.  Her and best friend, husband Bob, enjoy family and travel.  Patti is also known for her homemade soy candles and crafts.

Michelle McMannamy
- Coming to Sheri’s salon in 1997, Michelle was seeking a position where she could simply spend time with dogs.  She has been managing the salon’s preparation stations, making sure the dogs and cats are expertly bathed and readied for their final style.  She has become proficient at deciding the needs for your pets particular skin and coat type and can recommend accordingly.  Michelle is ‘owned’ by her Chihuahua, three boxers, cat and two birds.  She enjoys her leisure time with her husband David and is proud stepmom to grown daughter Ashley.

Roxie Sekel
-Not too many people get to enjoy working two different facets of the animal care field.  Roxie who graduated from the Animal Care program at National Science Technology Center through Toledo Public Schools, came to our salon in 2008.  Not only has she become a well rounded, friendly, outgoing groomer in our bathing/drying section, but she also is an employee assisting and grooming dogs for Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence.  Her ambition and positive attitude make the animals she works with, at ease. 

Lindsey Elliott
-Also starting in the boarding kennel field, Lindsey decided to try her hand in the grooming industry.  In 2009, she and her military husband Tyler, moved back to the area after his being stationed in Virginia.  She learned some skills while away and has developed an extreme ability to make most any pet feel safe and calm during their time with her. Lindsey prides herself on her ability to prepare the dogs and cats for their final primping.   She enjoys country living and long walks and quiet living.

Mikhala Meyers
-Mikhala literally grew up under the feet of  her Mom, Sheri and her staff in the salon.  She virtually started hand drying dogs at a very young age and would help with the clients.  She started studying business while attending Northview High School and received awards and accolades from instructors who acknowledged her desire to own her own business one day.  She entered Lourdes University to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship.  Mikhala loves working with the public and being part of the ideas, planning, technology and improvements to our operation.  She is an inspiration to her Mom and has implemented ideas to streamline our services.  Her growing desire to learn more hands on grooming may one day put her in position to continue our family success.

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